Story is an in-app feature that allows users to post photos or videos that automatically disappear within 24 hours.

User stories

Without names

On Air

User stories

With names

Akari Kitagawa
Helena Smith
On Air
Mike Dowson
Anna Luis
Motoka 🥦🥬🥒
Joshua Mayer

Business stories

Vertical, with description

Gift Ideas for the New Year
Our new products and pastries
All for washing
Pie making set
Frozen pastries and foods
What to order for dinner?

Business stories

Horizontal, with description

Stream with Nashville
Founder Jana's QA
CS Go Gaming tips
Which streaming equipment to choose?
Fireside chat with couple

Component props

StorieschildrenNodeSpecify the stories items
UserItemringBooleanSpecify if there is a ring on the avatar
UserItemsizeNumberSpecify the size of the avatar
UserItemonClickFunctionHandling click event
UserItembadgeBooleanSpecify if there is a badge
UserItembadgeColorStringSpecify badge color
UserItembadgeTextStringSpecify badge content
UserItembadgeIconNodeSpecify badge icon
UserItemliveBooleanSpecify if there is a livestream badge
UserItemliveColorStringSpecify livestream badge color
UserItemliveTextStringSpecify livestream badge text
UserItemliveIconNodeSpecify livestream badge icon
UserItemsrcStringSpecify image src
UserItemradiusNumberSpecify image radius
UserItemnameStringSpecify user name
BusinessItemringBooleanSpecify if there is a ring on the image
BusinessItemradiusNumberSpecify image radius
BusinessItemwidthNumberSpecify image width
BusinessItemheightNumberSpecify image height
BusinessItemonClickFunctionHandling click event
BusinessItemsrcStringSpecify image src
BusinessItemtextStringSpecify image text