Under this license, you are permitted to:
  • Modify the components of the Design system to produce custom components. However, these new components must abide by the terms of this license.
  • Use the Design system to generate an unlimited number of products for personal use, company use, or client use.
  • Sell products that were created using the Design system to end-users.
  • Use the MaterialMe library as a starting point for creating your own internal design system.
Under this license, you are not permitted to:
  • You are not allowed to distribute the Design System under any other names.
  • You cannot recreate the Design System using different frameworks and offer it for public use or for sale.
  • You are not allowed to create UI libraries or Design Kits based on the MaterialMe Design System and offer them for open-source use or sale as a competing product.
  • You are not permitted to create any products that are not solely owned by you, your company, or a client. For example, your employees and contractors are not allowed to use your company's MaterialMe license to create their own websites or side projects.
MaterialMe will not be held responsible for any results that may occur while using our resources. If you experience any costs, damages, or other losses as a result of using the MaterialMe Design System, including any third-party claims against you, our liability to you is limited to refunding your license fee. MaterialMe is not liable for any consequential damages that may be related to your use of the Design System. All rights for photographs and illustrations used in MaterialMe are reserved by their legal owners and are presented in the Item for demonstration purposes.
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