What do you mean by 'not NPM package'?
I mean that it's not meant to be installed as a dependency like other typical component libraries.Instead, MaterialMe allows you to handpick the specific components you require, and then simply copy and paste the code into your project. The code is yours.This gives you complete ownership of the code, allowing you to customize it as needed to fit your specific project requirements.
Why copy/paste and not install as a dependency?
The idea behind this is to give you ownership and control.By copying and pasting the code, you have the flexibility to modify and adapt the components to meet your specific project requirements, without being constrained by a pre-existing set of styles or implementation details that are tightly coupled to the library. This approach also allows you to avoid spending time learning and familiarizing yourself with a new library, and instead allows you to focus on customizing the styles and functionality of the components more efficiently.Here is an example, which styled within 5 min:
So, do I need to copy and paste all the components?
No, you will receive a file that includes pre-configured Prettier, Eslint settings and Tailwind configuration: such as fonts, animations, rounded corners, and shadows have been added.All the elements, components, and templates that you see here are also included in the file. So, you can start working with it right away by installing all the dependencies and running the local server for your project.
Can I only use the design system with your components?
No, you can use any other component library, and sometimes they may even be more convenient. You can style your own components and use the design system for application development and design.These components will also be useful if you plan to develop your own UI, as it will save a lot of time with pre-made designs that can easily be customized to your requirements.
What other technical moments are there?
Custom hooks and state managers are not used here, as you may have your own preferences. And I have tried to minimize the number of external dependencies so that you can direct your project in the direction you want.These are simple components that aim to save time on basic things like inputs, cards, charts, and so on.Here you can see dependencies: